Can you spare a few quid?

We are primarily raising funds to buy items that are currently not always readily available for our persons in need via our two local non-profit partners. This could be toiletries or fresh food items (milk, bread, eggs or meat). The two centres rely heavily on donations of these types of essentials and often run low due to high demand and we aim to replenish these items through requests for donations and use of funds donated to IHB.

Inevitably, there are some costs associated with running a group this size and only where absolutely necessary will we spend (and as little as possible) to keep our services running smoothly. We have been fortunate with the free provision of services, like our website, phones and other software  but, on occasion, we have to put our hands in our pockets. No funds will go to any individual or business associated with IHB and all expenditure is accounted for by our

Even though we are just a Mutual Aid group, set up quickly to respond to our neighbours’ needs during social distancing and self-isolation, we have a core team of people who share management responsibilities, including any funds or donations we may receive. Any spending is agreed and documented to ensure that donations made in good faith are distributed fairly.

We use the standards which apply to all fundraising (opens in a new link) with regards to fundraising to guide our behaviour in making use of any donations received.

Use PayPal to make a one-off or regular donation.

If you prefer to donate by direct bank transfer, please send an email to and they will provide the details to you directly.
Join Bexley Community Lottery to raise funds.

If you wish to make a donation in memory of Mr.s Gurmit Kaur Summan, please click here to read more. The Donate with PayPal link (and option to request bank details instead) is also on the new page.