Please donate in loving memory of our mother

Gurmit Kaur Summan

3rd September 1945 – 4th November 2020

Gurmit Kaur Summan

In loving memory of our kind and caring mum, we would like to give family and friends the opportunity to donate to her local charity Isolation Help Bexley.

Mum was born into a family that loved her dearly, but it was also a family that lived in poverty. She would tell us about her early life when there was little or no food in the home and how her and her siblings relied on donations from people who cared. She did not tell us this to make us sad or feel sorry for her, on the contrary, she told us this so that we would always be grateful for what we had and to show compassion and help others in their time of need.

Mum had a huge heart full of love and always wished for the best for people. During the COVID pandemic, Ram Das started volunteering with the local food bank & IHB. He would deliver food to residents in need and talk to mum about the plight of the people he visited. 

She was touched by what he told her and proud that he was helping others. She made donations herself and also accompanied Ram Das on some of his home deliveries. It was a charity that touched her in her last few months with us.  

This is why we have chosen to donate funds to IHB as by helping others we are keeping her flame of hope for a better future alive.

If you would like to donate via PayPal, please use the button on the left and this will take you to our donation page. 

We also encourage you to leave a message, which we’ll pass on to Mrs. Summan’s family, this will show which donations were made in her memory.

If you prefer to donate by direct bank transfer, please send an email to and they will provide the details to you directly.